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"From Womb to Tomb" We are always beside you.

"Harada dental clinic" at Kawaguchi-machi, Hachiouji-city, in Tokyo

こんにちは。私たちは、八王子の川口町にある原田歯科医院です。 原田歯科のホームページご訪問ありがとうございます。

Orange : No-consultation day

Harada dental clinic "7 promises"

  • 1
    We keep in mind to provide an accurate diagnosis and carry out the necessary procedures to our best to the best efficiency possible.
  • 2
    Painless treatment with caring and cordial support.
  • 3
    We always explain the purpose and the content of the treatment you are having to make it clear to you and answer any questions.
  • 4
    We tell a demerit of the treatment, not only a merit.
  • 5
    We carry out the treatment with diligent considering provisos for longevity.
  • 6
    We provide a private practice with customer confidentiality at reasonable price. At the same time, we respect your decision.
  • 7
    Customer satisfaction is paramount important to us and if you're not happy with the treatment you have be given regardless how small or big the issue is we'll handle it with care and sincerity.

Up-date recovery history

  • ■ Up-date recovery history Dummy
    Up-date recovery history Dummy


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